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About The Casting Studio

The Casting Studio three dimensionally captures your child’s individuality down to each crease, wrinkle, fold and fingernail, so no two frames are alike. We use a superior non-toxic moulding that is 100% safe and only takes seconds to set. Our procedure usually allows us to gentally capture a relaxed baby’s open hand!

The Casting Studio has a wide range of frames and backgrounds to select from as well as a choice of sculpture colour!

 Your sculptures will be professionally mounted in your frame selection and child’s details will be engraved on a special plaque.

Our frames, unlike other models on the market, are a solid wooden box, keeping your sculptures safe and secure. Each frame is individually crafed with love.

Our studio in Appin NSW

The Casting Studio occasionally offers a home/hospital visit service however, you will incur a travelling fee. Fee is calculated on distance travelled. Limited spots available for out of studio appointments.


Why Choose The Casting Studio?

Unlike similiar products on the market, our framed keepsakes are safe and secure in boxes are made out of wood and held together with screws for the ultimate protection for your precious sculptures. We only use the absolute best quality casting materials available to capture every little detail possible and would never put our logo on the front of your beautiful frame to use it as advertisement..



The Casting Studio works along side many funeral homes across Sydney to help capture and create beautiful sculpture of your loved one for you to cherish forever.


Can I join the The Casting Studio team?

We are always on the look out for the perfect new team members! If you think you have what it takes please email us with a copy of your resume attached! thecastingstudio9@gmail.com


Is there an age limit for the impressions in your framed range?
Moulds can be made at any age – from newborns in hospital to adults at home.


Do You do Impressions for premmie babies?
Yes, we can do our any of our framed collection, however we don’t recommend doing our jewellery range until they are a little bit older and not as fragile. We recommend you check with your doctor or nurse on call to make sure that they are happy for us to provide our service.


Are you able to mould an impression if I have a terminal baby or if my baby is stillborn?
This can be a touchy area and not all of our representatives choose to take part performing this service, however we will best endeavour to assist you. We respect that having your baby’s impressions done could help in the grieving process and in keeping a memory alive and we will help you as best as possible. Please contact us to discuss.


How is your framed collection different to a DIY kit?
A DIY kit gives you one chance to get the mould right and only provides the casting materials. When you make an appointment at The Casting Studio, one of our trained professionals will take the mules for you as well as mount them in your keepsake frame giving you a hassle free finished product!


What kind of products do you use in making the impressions?

Only the highest quality products are used from our reputable suppliers in making each impression. This ensures we capture as much detail in all of our work, giving you the best result possible. All the products are non toxic.


How do l go about getting an impression made?
Either use the booking system on the site or send us an email. We will then schedule a time that’s convenient for you to visit us, or for one of our representatives to visit you if possible. During this visit, we will take the impression which will then be returned to our workshop for completion.

Taking the impressions only takes a few minutes, however we allocate approximately half an hour per baby. If you are purchasing something from our framed collection, this allows you time to consider the different colour schemes available and make an appropriate choice.

Alternatively, see our upcoming events for extra locations coming nearby or take advantage of our Host a Party idea for something different and for great savings and convenience.

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