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Terms & Conditions

Sculpture Terms & Conditions

Thank you for choosing our company to help create a keepsake for you to treasure as a reminder of how small your children once were.

Terms and Conditions

By choosing Bare Impressions to create your memorabilia, you are giving a team member permission to touch and take impressions of your babies hands and feet.

Bare Impressions can use photos of your product on marketing materials and on the Internet.

Bare Impressions take much pride in their work however from time to time may need to ‘sculpt’ parts of your babies hands and/or feet.

Bare Impressions will try their best to get an open hand however will not force the babies hands and/or feet in any way.

Bare Impressions take no responsibility for the position in which your baby places their hand and foot once in the moulding material.

Once you have chosen colours and frames and they are ordered or framed, they will not be changed free of charge. We can change them for an addition cost.

After pick up/ drop off of your product, Bare Impressions will not be held responsible for any scratches, marks, or damages made to the product, it is the customers responsibility to make the representative aware of any issues with the product at pick up/delivery. Products will be checked and a photo will be taken by your representative to keep on file before your product reaches your possession. Please do not hesitate to contact your representative if any issues arise. Due to the nature of the products refunds will not be issued.

A photo needs to be either provided to the Bare Impressions team member at your appointment or posted before the frame is completed. You are able to put the photo in yourself but Bare Impressions will be responsible for any damages that may occur while doing so. Bare Impressions WILL NOT print your photo out for you so please do not email your photo. Full refunds will not be issued.

Your Bare Impressions representative will contact you once your frame is completed. If your frame isnt picked up within 30 days after notification of completion your product will be discarded.
Time Frame: Bare impressions aim to have you product completed within 6 -8 weeks (payment plans not included) however in some unavoidable circumstances it may take longer.

Payment Plans: Entering into a payment plan with Bare Impressions means that your product will not be worked on/framed until all outstanding amounts are paid. Payment plans are for 3 months only. If there are still outstanding amounts after 3 months and we have not been contacted or your representative cannot get in contact with you, your products will be discarded or used as promotional material and become unavailable for purchase.

Caring For your Bare Impressions Keepsake

Bare Impressions thank you for choosing our company to create a beautiful piece of artwork to remember how small your babies once were. It is important that you never hang your product in a damp or hot room. You should never leave your product in direct sunlight or excessive heat and never leave it outside over night. When your product is not hung on a wall it should be laid flat, face up. Be sure to secure your product to the wall sufficiently. Please do not hesitate to contact your representative with any questions you may have. We look forward to creating memories with you and your family.

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